ibus 1.5.4

  • ibus-ui-gtk3 crash

Reason unknown.

  • Can't change priority of input methods

Changing through dconf-editor only has temporary effect.

Apr 10, 2013


This port is split into 2 parts. The database-related parts of the code are split into pyzy. So, a new port, chinese/pyzy is created.

  • New dependency: chinese/pyzy

Build with Boost is fixed. The bug which prevents the ports from building with boost is fixed in 1.49. So now there is a new option, BOOST, which makes the port depends on boost-libs>=1.49 if enabled.

pkg-plist updated. Dependency TODO?


Almost done. pkg-plist & pkg-descr created.

Dependency: (TODO)

  • glib2
  • sqlite3
  • uuid_create?
  • boost >= 1.39 (need 1.49 to build)


  • some patch files removed. Already merged in upstream
  • some patch statements in Makefile removed. Already merged.
  • dependency updated.

Built & installed.


  • A bug in Xorg's XInput extension prevents GTK3 UI from starting. Need Xorg later than the version in the ports, or use WITH_NEW_XORG