• Container ID: a long hex string. Usually its prefix is enough.
  • Image: a template.

Common images

  • ubuntu: Ubuntu distribution
  • debian: Debian distribution
  • busybox: basic Busybox
  • gcc: with GCC
    • gcc:5: gcc version 5

Basic usage

Get software image

   docker pull <name>[:<version>]


   docker run -it <image name>


Start a stopped instance

   docker start -ai <container ID>


Attach to a running instance

   docker attach <container ID>

Mount external directory

   docker run -it -v <host directory>:<guest directory> <image name>


List containers

   docker ps -a

Only the running ones:

   docker ps

Remove container

   docker rm <container ID>

Get history console output

   docker logs <container ID>

Create template from current container

   docker commit <container ID> <new image name>

List images

   docker images